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How to make Remote Debugging work?

Mar 9, 2009 at 2:01 AM
Is there any concise documentation that explains all the steps needed to get the "Start remote debugger" and "Kill remote debugger" menu commands to work?

So far, I have not been successful with remote debugging, although remote Deploy, Upgrade, and Uninstall are all working.
Whenever I try the "Start remote debugger" command, I get "Start remote debugger: error: The system cannot find the path specified"
What is curious is that is I manually launch the VS Remote Debugging Monitor within the guest, "Kill remote debugger" will indeed kill it.  So I think I must be pretty close...

My setup is as follows:
    My "remote" machine is a VirtualPC guest running on my host machine, where I run VS2008.
    I have a loopback adapter on the host, with a fixed IP address.
    In the guest I have a network connection configured also with a fixed IP on the same subnet as the host, and in VPC network settings it is connected to the host's loopback adapter.
    The guest is in a it's own, separate domain than my host machine, so within the guest's domain I have an account with the same id and password as I use to log into my host machine.
    In the WSSDeploy remote debugger settings I specify the guest machine domain\id and password that matches the id on my host.
    In the guest I configured the VS2008 Remote Debugger Serivce to run with the guest machine domain\id and password that matches the id on my host.  In order to do this, I grant my guest machine account "Log on as a service" permission within Local Policies of the guest machine.
Mar 9, 2009 at 11:39 PM
The complete documentation for setting up the remote debugging feature is being put together. From the overall release perspective, the support for smooth remote debugging operation will require further investment in development as we are uncovering many environment-specific issues that need to be documented and/or checks for which need to be supported by the tool (things like firewall configuration on Vista).

Specifically for your issue, it seems that the service installer did not correctly identify the location of the Remote Debugger on the target server. Please see [workitem:1357] for a suggested temporary workaround.

Everything else you described in your setup steps seems to be correct. Please check that the Debugger Users local group on the target server contains the domain\id account.

Please let me know if the proposed workaround does not fix your issue and we will explore further.